carol cahoon

School board Trustee

Coquitlam School District 43





Carol brings accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility in the budgeting processes.   

Carol's array of experience include previous Coquitlam Montessori Society Chair and current District Parent Advisory Committee representative.

A team player,  Carol is known for consensus building with a strong emphasis on collaboration and open communication.

She will listen to all stakeholders -  children, parents, teachers and support staff - to ensure that they are equally and fairly represented.

Passionate candidate and Parent

Carol and her family participating at the Coquitlam Terry Fox Run and her two children performing at IOCO Ghost Town Days Oct.5, 2014

Fast Facts


"I have known Carol for 18 years and I am proud to endorse her.  While I was a consultant, we worked together to implement an enterprise wide accounting software in her company.  Carol was quick to master the program, create budgets, reconcile reports and train her colleagues.  I support Carol in any leadership role as she puts the needs of others foremost."

- Helen Emma Hall, CPB

"As a School Trustee of SD43, I intend to address many challenges including current budget overruns, labour disruptions and stagnancy.   We require the injection of new energy, ideas and solutions.  I have the experience and enthusiasm to successfully facilitate improvement. "

Coquitlam, Thank You for your support on Nov. 15, 2014
I look forward to representing you as School Board Trustee.
"Carol is a great team leader and is dedicated to ensuring that the job gets done and that it gets done right. She is good at listening to all sides and is able to make focused and fair decisions. Her commitment and dedication make her an excellent candidate for School Trustee."
- Tina Roth, SD43 Parent

"I met Carol at the dance studio where our children take classes. She was immediately a person I welcomed as a friend! Carol is open, honest and truly cares about others and our community. We have volunteered together and I've seen her give 100% to everything she sets her mind to. I've watched her interest in the school system turn into a passion. Carol wants nothing more than to see the school system benefit everyone; students, teachers and government. I will definitely cast my vote on November 15th for Carol.
- Laverne Da Silva, SD43 Parent
"From my dealings with Carol, she comes out as a task driven individual with the right planning skills to make sure things go as planned. Any top quality business or organization would be blessed to have her working on their team. On top of this she has a cheerful personality with a strong passion and a big heart to serve her community and her kids and the programs they belong to. My overall grade for Carol Cahoon would be AAA+."
- Joe Goncalves, CIM,CFP®
"It's a rare privilege to work with one as gifted and down to earth as Carol. Over the past nine years, I’ve seen her juggle many tasks and responsibilities with efficiency whether it be balancing finances to laying down the ground work for successful small business ventures. Carol is a doer at heart but has the ability to listen to problems and effectively manage solutions for those problems. As a team member or leader, Carol earns my highest recommendation."
- Stephen Chu, Associate Investment Advisor
"As a Chairperson to the Coquitlam Montessori Society, Carol brought organization and structural change that continue to make the society function efficiently and effectively.  She is a wonderful example of a parent who got involved to make the system better and really has. I look forward to what she will do as a School Trustee."

- Darren Bos, Harbour View Elementary, SD43

"I met Carol when I had the privilege of teaching her two wonderful children many years ago.  She was always willing to help and was very involved in the success of their learning as well as that of the classroom and Montessori program.  We have kept in touch over the years and her dedication to education and school community is not something you see from an average parent.  Carol is a very warm, caring and supportive person that I am happy to have met and know.  When I think of Carol as school trustee, I feel a sense of assurance that there is a competent individual who is looking out for our children and our education system, something we desperately need right now.  I fully support Carol Cahoon as school trustee." 
 - Kelly Kolbe,  James Park Elementary

"Carol Cahoon was an extremely supportive and positively involved parent in my school. I taught her son for two years and we had many conversations about education. I was very impressed by Carol's knowledge and insights and felt that she always placed students' educational needs as the top priority. I know that she will do her best as a school trustee to spend Coquitlam's annual budget in the best possible way for our students."
- Teresa Cosco, Grade 4/5 teacher at Harbour View Elementary School